Samsung Fridge Water Filters-The Game-Changer Water Purification Technology

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December 10, 2018
Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerator filters have built-in water purification technology. However, the effectiveness of the water filters decrease with every use. To ensure water with the lowest levels of microorganisms and impurities, request your local appliance repair expert to change your filtration system regularly.

Drink Impurities-Free Water

How long should you stay with one fridge water filter? 6 months. Any longer period and your filter will accumulate water based contaminants including salmonella and coliform, which put your health at risk. Every year, approximately 19 million U.S. citizens contract waterborne illnesses, whose symptoms are high fever, diarrhea, and vomiting, because of elements that are present in refrigerated water.

Samsung Refrigerator Water Filters

If the refrigerator in your home is a Samsung, you can benefit from exciting new revolution water purification technology. CNN Money reports that Samsung plans to move from position 5 to 1 among the home appliances manufacturers riding on the game-changer Samsung refrigerator water filters.   Here are the facts regarding some water filters that match Samsung refrigerator models.

Samsung DA29-00003G

The Samsung DA29-00003G filter is among the most popular purifiers on the market and can fit the refrigerator models using short and round filters. Samsung DA29-00003G is also a replacement for the withdrawn DA29-00003B filter model.

Samsung DA29-00020B

This aqua-pure plus refrigerator water filter is suitable for Samsung fridge Model DA-97-08006A-B. The filter can fit the side by side French door refrigerators.

Samsung DA29-00012B

The long and thin DA29-00012B matches Samsung refrigerators whose slot is in the ceiling.

Samsung DA29-10105J

This is a water filter that installs directly into the water line. Samsung DA29-10105J can purify water in the absence of a water dispenser.

Samsung DA29-00003F

The filter fits the Samsung refrigerators using short round filters. Although the DA29-00003F is expensive, it guarantees the removal of almost all contaminants, even mercury and asbestos.Samsung refrigerator water filters do not only effectively reduce toxins, ranging from asbestos to chlorine for six months after installation, but also offer tasty water. For the fitting of certified and tested fridge water filters from Jerry’s Appliance Repair, contact ustoday.


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