Kenmore and Frigidaire Wall Ovens Recalled

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August 22, 2019
Oven Repair

Do you own a black, white or stainless steel Frigidaire or Kenmore brand electric wall oven?  Some of these ovens are a part of a recall issued by the manufacturer, Electrolux, because they can pose a fire hazard to consumers. 

Read below for more information on the recall.  

Recall Information

On July 26, 2016, the manufacturer Electrolux issued a recall with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) for approximately 1,000 electric wall ovens branded Kenmore or Frigidaire. The recall covers both single and double ovens.  The brand name on these ovens is printed below the oven window. The ovens were originally sold in March and April 2016.  The Frigidaire models retailed in Illinois and the Kenmore models were sold at Sears stores nationwide.  

The model and serial numbers on these ovens can be found inside the oven on the left side.  Specific information about which serial numbers and models are covered by the recall and detailed information about the recall itself can be found at this CPSC link. There is a fire hazard with these ovens due to the improper manufacturing of the thermal switch.  The recall recommends that you stop using these ovens immediately.  

What You Can Do

If you need assistance with this or any appliance you can contact us. With all product recalls we recommend getting in touch directly with the brand and/or manufacturer first.  With this recall, a free inspection and repair on Kenmore ovens are available by contacting Sears at 800-659-7026 Monday through Friday from 7 am-9 pm CT or on Saturday from 7 am-8 pm CT.  If you own a Frigidaire model covered by this recall you can get in touch with Electrolux directly by calling 888-360-8556 from 8 am-8pm ET Monday through Saturday, or by emailing Frigidaire.

Jerry’s Appliance Repair is authorized to service Electrolux ovens both in and out of warranty.  We have completed over 200,000 service calls in Indiana in the past 24 years.  We’ve recently expanded our service area to include Kentucky.  We offer quality, efficient service to meet your home appliance repair needs.  


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