About Us


The company was founded in 1992 by Jerry McClintock and has grown to seventeen employees. Headquarters is found in Mitchell, IN with employees residing in many different counties. You will find us to be very pro-active in community support throughout our service area.

Throughout the years, we have built good working relationships with many appliance manufacturers. We provide first year warranty service to many customers.


Known for many years for the quality of service, we were recipients of the Outstanding Small Business of the Year Award from The Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce.

We were also selected as in-home service providers of major appliances for Lowes stores in Indiana, along with providing store-stock service for twenty-three stores in Indiana and Kentucky.

Jerry McClintock | Founder

Founding the company in 1992, Jerry has now passed along the ownership and operating roles of the company. As he enjoys seeing the company expanding every year, Jerry is currently finding joy in serving his community in various avenues.