Customer Reviews

Monica C.
Super impressed with Jerry’s.  I’ve got a 4yr old refrigerator that is covered under Lowe’s protection plan.  When I called Lowe’s, they scheduled Jerry’s to come out to fix it.  It’s always tricky when dealing with a sub-contractor, because you have no say over who is coming to your house.  But a few minutes after calling Lowe’s, I got a call from Jerry’s. From my description of the problem, they recognized that a part would need to be ordered, and they were calling to double-check the model number.  That is far better than coming to my house, telling me they need to order a part, then making a 2nd appointment to fix it.  I received a confirmation email of my appointment, asking to verify my address, and the day before my appointment, I received another email asking to reconfirm my appointment, and they provided a 3-hr window for when I could expect the tech.  The day of my appointment, they sent me a link that I could track the tech’s progress to my house, kind of like you track your pizza delivery.  It shows what zip code he’s currently in, and how many stops before they arrive at your house.  Nice!!! The day the tech arrived, I got a 15 minute heads-up call that he was on the way.  It literally took him 10 minutes to make the repair, because they already had the part that was needed.  Even though I didn’t have to pay anything, I would absolutely use Jerry’s again for any appliance repair.
Overall Experience
Perry F.
We bought a very nice dryer from Lowes seven months ago.  On a Sunday morning, it stopped working.  I called Lowes service support line and they set me up with a company to come out and fix it.  It happened to be Jerry’s Appliance Repair.  They had it set up for Tuesday, but I was off work on Monday so i called them first thing Monday morning to see if they could come that day instead of Tomorrow.  The guy checked the schedule and said he could have some out that afternoon.  The guy called first like they said and he was right on time.  He was very professional and courteous.  It took him about 30 seconds to figure out the motor wasn’t working properly.  He ordered a replacement from his Ipad and said it would be delivered tomorrow sometime and he’d come back out on Wednesday to install it.  And that’s exactly what happened.  Dryer works great now.  I would definitely use these guys again.
Overall Experience
Howard L.
I had a problem with my refrigerator door. They came out and carefully found the problem and fixed it.Next, had a problem with my oven. Again, they diagnosed the problem, ordered the part, kept me aware of the status of the part order and installed the part.These people are pros!
Overall Experience