Samsung Top Load Washer Lid Lock Repair

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September 9, 2019
Washer Repair

If you own a Samsung Top Load Washer and you have one or more of the following issues:

  • Reports Error Code “DC” or “DC1”
  • Won’t spin
  • Won’t Fill
  • Makes a clicking noise
  • Won’t run

You may need to replace the lid lock assembly on your washer.  The following instructions outline the steps for removing and replacing the lid lock assembly on the 4.5 cu ft Samsung Top Load Washer Model #WA45M7050AW/A4.  The Lid Lock Assembly is part no. DC34-00025E. For this repair, you will need a #2 Phillips’ head screwdriver and a small prying tool like a flathead screwdriver.  And as with any repair, pay close attention to the placement of parts and steps for removing the malfunctioning part, as you will need to put everything back in place for the appliance to operate.  

1.  Always start any appliance repair by unplugging the unit from the wall outlet.  And don’t forget to turn off the water source to the washer.  

2.  Remove the console cover: 

  • Access the rear of the washer
  • The console cover is at the top of the washer and is held on by a few screws.  Remove these screws with your Phillips head screwdriver.  
  • Use a prying tool to pry the edges of the console cover gently away from the console body.  

3.  Disconnect the lid lock assembly wire harness

  • The wire harness is located on your right (facing the back of the washer) behind the noise filter. 
  • Press the plastic tab on the harness, pull it apart and feed the harness towards the front of the washer.  

4.  Disconnect the top of the washer

  • Remove the 2 screws holding the grey bracket on your right and left. 
  • Remove the screw holding the white wire cover plate on the lower left center of the washer
  • Tug gently on the wire plate and bend it gently away from the washer

5.  Lift the top of the washer

  • Lift the rear of the top of the washer and move it slightly forward, so that the grey bracket attachments rest on the main body and there is a gap between the top and the body.  
  • From either side of the washer, lift the front of the top, tilting the front of the top upwards so that the back “hinges” on the main body
  • Prop the top of the washer in place with something so it will not fall

6.  Remove the lid lock assembly

  • Feed the switch harness the rest of the way through the hole from the back, if necessary
  • Disconnect the ties holding the lid switch wire in place
  • Remove the two Phillips screws holding the lid switch mechanism in place 
  • Remove the lid switch mechanism and wire, and set it aside

7.  Install replacement lid lock assembly

  • To position, the new lid lock assembly properly, first, insert the screw that does not have a strain reliever on it and thread it by hand
  • Before this first screw is tightened, finish positioning the assembly and start the second screw
  • Tighten both screws

8.  Reassemble the washing machine, being certain to bend the wire plate guard back into place and replace all screws in their proper holes.  If you need assistance with this or any other appliance repair, contact us at Jerry’s Appliance Repair for timely, quality service.  


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