What to Do When an Oven Door Will Not Unlock

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August 16, 2019
Oven Repair

In most cases, when the oven door will not open, it is because it is still locked. In some models, there is a manual lock that can be disengaged, but if you have an automatic lock, it can be a frustrating problem that may not have a clear answer.

When your oven is locked, this is a safety feature that is done during the self-cleaning cycle. As the oven gets so hot inside to burn away excess food and greases, it is a hazard. To prevent injury or other issues, the oven will lock the door until the cycle is complete. In most cases where the oven door is still locked, it is because the self-clean cycle was stopped prematurely, such as when you hit it accidentally or just wanted it to stop so you could actually use your oven.

In some cases, you can actually unlock your oven by turning on the self-clean cycle and letting it run its full course. This could take a while, however. If you stopped the self-clean cycle because you thought the damage was being done to your oven, then you do not want to try this method.

What you can do instead of running the self-clean cycle to completion is to actually unplug your oven for a bit. This essentially resets the appliance and may force the door lock to disengage. Your oven’s owner manual may also have a way to reset it via pushing specific buttons on the control panel as well.

Finally, if none of the above worked, it is possible that the door lock is malfunctioning. In most ranges, you can access this by removing the top of the stove, though some models may have access in the back of the appliance. If you need help repairing a faulty oven door lock, contact us today to see what we can do to help.


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