How to replace your Whirlpool refrigerator’s water filter W10295370A

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February 14, 2018
Refrigerator Repair

If your Whirlpool refrigerator is telling you it’s time to replace the water filter — whether the filter status light is at “ORDER” or “REPLACE” — you’ll be glad to learn it is a fairly simple process. Below we will discuss, step-by-step, how to replace your refrigerator’s water filter if it is located in the upper right corner, as it is with the Whirlpool side-by-side refrigerator Model #WRS586FLDB.

Before discussing the steps, it’s important to note which water filter model corresponds to the Whirlpool Refrigerator Model #WRS586FLDB. The appropriate water filter model for this refrigerator is the #W10295370A.

1. Locate the Water Filter

The first step is to locate the water filter which, on the Whirlpool Model #WRS586FLDB and similar side-by-side refrigerator models, is located in the top-right corner of the refrigerator compartment.

2. Remove Old Filter

Once you’ve located the water filter, lift the filter cover door open. The old filter will be released and ejected as the door is opened. When the door is completely open, pull the filter straight out.

  • NOTE: When removing the filter, there may be some water left and spilling may occur. Have a towel handy to wipe up any spills.

3. Replace Filter

Take the new filter (water filter model #W10295370A) out of its packaging and remove the cap. Be sure the O-rings are still in place after the cap is removed.

With the arrow pointing up, align the new filter with the filter housing and slide it into place. The filter cover door will automatically begin to close as the new filter is inserted.

4. Close Filter Cover Door

With the new filter in, close the filter cover door completely in order to snap the filter into place. You may need to press hard.

5. Flush the Water System

To force air out from the water line and prepare the water filter for use, you will need to flush the water system. Using a large, sturdy container, press and hold the water dispenser pad for 5 seconds, then release it for 5 seconds.

Repeat this until water begins to flow freely. Once water begins to flow, continue pressing and releasing the dispenser pad (5 seconds on, 5 seconds off) until a total of 3 gallons (12 L) have been dispensed.

OPTIONAL: Reset the Filter Status Light

After replacing your water filter, you may want to manually reset the filter status light on your Whirlpool side-by-side refrigerator Model #WRS586FLDB, if it does not reset automatically.

To do so, press the ‘OPTIONS’ button to enter Options mode, then press ‘LOCK’ to initiate the reset. Next, press ‘MEASURED FILL’ to confirm that you want to reset the status light.

When the system is reset, the “ORDER” and “REPLACE” icons will disappear from the display screen.

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