How to Replace a Refrigerator Damper Control

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December 20, 2017
Refrigerator Repair

Is there too little or too much cold air being sent to the fresh food section of your refrigerator? If so, the damper or the damper control may be malfunctioning. Follow these steps to replace the damper control after ordering the replacement part #WP67003903:

  1. Unplug the refrigerator.
  2. Open the fresh food section doors and find the insert grill on the damper cover. Beneath the grill, you will find two Phillips head screws that need to be removed so you can pull the damper cover free. Also, remove the damper insulation.
  3. Remove the control. Disconnect the wire harness plug by pushing down on the locking tab. Then remove the control entirely by pushing the tabs away by depressing them with your flathead screwdriver.
  4. Remove the wires from the old control. Pry the black plugs free from the assembly and the motor. You will also need to unplug the green wire.
  5. Put the old wire harness in the new control. Plug it into the control and the motor, and connect the green wire.
  6. Replace the control in the refrigerator. Push the new control into position until the tabs snap tight, then reconnect the wire assembly.
  7. Put the insulation and the cover back into place. The cover holds the insulation in place and will need to be screwed back into position by the two screws.
  8. Snap the grill back into place.

The damper and the damper control are the two main parts of any refrigerator responsible for keeping the fresh food section appropriately cool. Go to Jerry’s Appliance Repair for more refrigerator and appliance repair procedures.


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