5 Common Dishwasher Problems We Can Help You With

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June 11, 2018
Dishwasher Repair
Are you having problems with your dishwasher? We can help! It can be frustrating when your dishwasher isn’t working properly, especially when you are busy and don’t have time to clean all those dishes by hand. Here are some useful dishwasher troubleshooting tips.

Detergent Won’t Release

If the dishwasher runs but the detergent won’t come out of the holder, it may be blocked by caked detergent or some other buildup. Clean out the holder and try again.

Dishwasher Runs Too Long

This may indicate a problem with the temperature. If the water is not hot enough, the dishwasher may run longer than usual. Call a professional to adjust the heating temperature.

Dishes Won’t Dry

If the dishes always come out wet, there may be a problem with the washer’s heating element. Another cause may be a faulty rinse aid dispenser. Make sure the dishwasher is draining properly as well.

Washer Won’t Start

If the dishwasher doesn’t start, first make sure that it is plugged in. If it is, there may be a problem with your electrical outlet or you may have blown a fuse. Don’t tinker with electricity yourself; call a professional to help you out. It is also possible that there is a problem with the door latch. If the door isn’t closing properly, most dishwashers won’t start.

Water Won’t Stop

If when you start the dishwasher the water starts flooding in and doesn’t stop, you may be dealing with an inlet valve that is stuck open. A faulty float switch, which detects the water levels in the washer, may also be the problem. It may not be detecting when your washer is full. Call a professional so that you don’t have to deal with flooding every time you use your dishwasher.
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