How to Replace a Top-Load Washer’s Filter Plugs 285868

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January 24, 2018
Washer Repair

If your Maytag washing machine is leaving a lot of lint in a load of clothes, the filter plugs may be broken. Any damage is visible, especially if the fingers in the plugs have broken off or are worn away. If you see any signs of these malfunctions order a four-pack of filter plugs (part #285868) and follow these steps to replace the older plugs.

  1. Unplug the appliance. This is the first step for any appliance repair job, whether you are removing or replacing electrical or mechanical parts.
  2. Remove the fabric softener dispenser. Some models have tabs that need to be depressed before you can pull the dispenser free, so look for indentations before forcing it off. Then pry off the cap underneath the dispenser with a screwdriver.
  3. Remove the dust cap and check it for damage. This is underneath the dispenser and cap, and can often have a broken or worn through seal. Always be prepared to replace this part when you’re inspecting problems with an agitator.
  4. Loosen the agitator’s bolt. This is inside the hollow shaft of the agitator. If the agitator has a separate base, make sure you hold it in position while loosening the bolt.
  5. Remove the agitator from the tub. The bolt will stay in the shaft until you put the assembly back in place.
  6. Pry the older filters out of the machine. You can pull the free with your fingers or with a flathead screwdriver. Some machines have four plugs and others have only two. Take note of which holes you pried the old plugs from and only replace them in those positions.
  7. Install the new filter plugs by snapping them into position. Make sure the tabs around the exterior of the plugs point to the center of the tub during installation.
  8. Replace the agitator and tighten the bolt.
  9. Add back the dust cap and fabric softener dispenser.

For more tips and washer repair procedures, go to Jerry’s Appliance Repair.


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