How to Replace an Agitator in a Top-Load Washer

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May 16, 2019
Washer Repair

If you own a top-load washer, the agitation that helps clean your clothing is done by the agitator located in the center. This plastic piece rotates back and forth during the wash to promote motion among your clothing. However, over years of use or even attempts to wash more solid items like sneakers, for example, the agitator can become damaged. When that happens, the agitator may fail to work as intended or you may even find that pieces break off of it.

The good news is that while an agitator plays an important role if your agitator has manifested damage, it is easy to replace.

Changing an Agitator Out

Before making this repair, you will want to consult your owner’s manual for your specific brand of the washer to find the part number for your agitator. You don’t want to just pick out any agitator and try to make it work. Each washer demands a specifically designed agitator arm for fit and function.

Once you have a replacement on hand, start by removing the agitator cap located at the top of the agitator’s arm. In most cases, this cap will simply twist off. Underneath it, you will likely see another cap or cover that needs to be removed. Underneath this, you will find the nut that secures the agitator to the machine. Once the bolt is removed, you can pull the agitator out. However, be aware that this may require a firm tug or two, but be careful not to damage the dog ears.

The new agitator should simply slide into the place of the old one and can be secured with the included new bolt. Once the caps are on, the repair is complete.

While this repair is well within the comfort range of many homeowners, if you have other problems with your washer that you are not comfortable repairing yourself, contact us today to see how Jerry’s Appliance Repair can help.


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