Samsung Refrigerator Not Cooling

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October 18, 2017
Refrigerator Repair

When your refrigerator is not cooling properly, you’re at a greater risk for foodborne illnesses due to the temperature fluctuations. It’s best to get this issue fixed immediately. This article is for the repair of the Samsung Refrigerator RF263TEAESR.

Top 3 reasons your refrigerator isn’t cooling:

Condenser Coils are Dirty

  • The condenser coils are underneath the fridge. These coils minimize heat as it passes through them. If these become dirty, the coils cannot effectively minimize the heat. As the coils keep getting dirtier, the refrigerator becomes less efficient. This causes the fridge to work harder to keep the temperature cooled down, and the temperature cannot maintain a proper cooling degree. Check these coils and clean them if needed.

Condenser Fan Motor

  • The condenser fan motor must work properly for the refrigerator to cool, as it makes air go through the condenser coils and over the compressor. You need to check the fan blade to see if there’s any debris in the way. Next turn the fan blade with your hand to see if it spins freely. If it does not spin continuously, replace the motor.

Evaporator Fan Motor

  • The evaporator fan motor takes air from the cooling coils and circulates this through the fridge and freezer sections. You can find this in the freezer compartment. If the evaporator fan is the culprit, usually the freezer will stay cold yet the fridge will not. Check to see if the blade spins freely. If it doesn’t it needs to be replaced. If the motor is very noisy, replacement is necessary as well.

Try these tips for fixing your cooling problems in your Samsung refrigerator. If you need further assistance, contact Jerry’s Appliance Repair today for all your appliance repair needs!


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