How to Replace Your Whirlpool Refrigerator’s Dual Water Inlet Valve

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April 22, 2019
Refrigerator Repair

If you see leaking water at the back of your refrigerator or your refrigerator’s water dispenser isn’t working, check the dual water inlet valve. This part receives a lot of wear, and failed solenoids can stop the water from flowing. Cracks can also result in leaking water inside and under the fridge. Order a replacement valve assembly (#WP67006531 for most Whirlpool refrigerators) and follow these steps to install it.

1. Prepare your refrigerator for the part replacement.

Always unplug your refrigerator before you remove or install a new part. For this repair, also turn off the water supply and pull the refrigerator away from the wall. 

2. Access and remove the dual water inlet valve assembly.

First, pull the water line out of the inlet valve at the bottom rear of your refrigerator. To start, loosen the screw that clamps the water line against the back of the fridge. Then press down the collar that secures the end of the water line inside the water inlet valve to pull the line out and to the side. Have a towel ready to catch any excess water still in the line.

Next, loosen the screw above the valve that secures it against the back panel. After that, remove all of the screws holding the back left panel in place.  Pull it up and out of the bottom groove. Then slide it slightly to the left before wiring it open to access the inside of the refrigerator.

Remove the brown and yellow wire harnesses from the back of the valve. Then remove the two water lines at the bottom ports.

Slide the part out of the back panel.

3. Install the new dual water inlet valve assembly.

Orient the new dual water inlet valve so the one port slides through the cutout on the panel and the side with the two solenoids will face the interior of the refrigerator. Hold it in place with the inlet valve slid through the cutout.

Attach the two water lines. You should hear them click into place. Also, plug in the wire harnesses with the yellow harness attaching to the yellow solenoid and the brown harness to the brown solenoid.

Next, swing the panel around while holding the valve in place so you can retighten the screw that holds the inlet to the panel. Then slide the panel flush with the back of the fridge and slide it both under the panel to the right and down into the bottom groove. Retighten the screws around the perimeter of the panel.

After that, reattach the water line to the inlet valve. Then resecure the clamp to the back panel with the last screw.

Turn on the water and look for any signs of leaks. If there are no water leaks, then plug the refrigerator back in and push it into place.

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