How to Replace Your Samsung Refrigerator’s Compressor Overload Protector Once It Fails

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April 29, 2019
Refrigerator Repair

The compressor overload protector is designed to provide power to the compressor while protecting it from overloads and surges. If your compressor isn’t receiving power, its overload protector may have burnt out or failed. Order a new one (part #DA35-00008X for most Samsung models) and install it by following these instructions:

1. Unplug your refrigerator.

Always unplug your appliance before starting any repairs. The compressor overload protector is located near the back of the refrigerator, so you will also need to pull it out and away from the wall.

2. Access and remove the old compressor overload protector.

Remove the rear bottom access panel. To do so, remove the screws around the edge of the panel, and then pull up out of the bottom groove. Set it aside.

Locate the compressor cover box to the left. Pry the cover box off and set it aside.  Then pry the start relay, which has two wire harnesses, off of the compressor terminals. Set it on the bottom of the fridge out of the way. Pry off the white, L-shaped overload protector that’s at the same connection point.

After that, remove the red wire from the back and pull the old overload protector out of the refrigerator.

3. Install the new compressor overload protector.

Connect the red wire to the new part and plug the part into place on the compressor terminal.

Next, slide the start relay back into place on the compressor terminals behind the overload protector. Slide the cover box back into place over the start relay and compressor overload protector. Snap it into place, but be careful to not pinch any wires.

After that, reinstall the back access panel. Push it down into the bottom groove and tilt it until it’s flush with the back of the fridge. Retighten the screws around the edge of the panel.

Plug the refrigerator back in and push it back into place against the wall. Make sure the refrigerator starts cooling again.

If your refrigerator or other major appliances need more repairs, go to Jerry’s Appliance Repair for tips and repair guides.


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