How to Replace Your KitchenAid Oven’s Baking Element 9750213

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May 6, 2018
Oven Repair
If your oven’s element shorts out or the terminals are broken, the part needs to be replaced. Order part number 9750213 for your KitchenAid range and follow these steps:

1. Unplug the oven.

Separating an appliance from its power source protects you, the appliance, and the surrounding area. This repair will also involve moving the oven and disconnecting the wire connections, so ensure the oven is unplugged.

2. Remove the back access panel and terminal block cover.

Pull the oven away from the wall so you can access the back paneling. The central panel with a triangular peak is the back access panel. Loosen the screws around its perimeter. Also, remove the two screws holding the terminal block cover (the bottom square)in place. Then pull the panel up and away.

3. Remove the wires from the previous element.

Towards the bottom of the revealed interior, there will be two wire harnesses that lock into the terminals of the element. Detach those harnesses and leave them hanging freely. You do not have to keep track of which wire harness was attached to each terminal.

4. Pull out the racks for better access.

Move to the front of the range. Open the oven door and pull the racks out of the oven.

5. Remove the bake element.

Loosen the screws holding the elements mounting bracket in the rear of the oven. Then pull the whole unit free.

6. Insert the new element.

Hold the element in the oven and line up the mounting bracket with the screw holes. Then put the previous screws back in place to secure the element. Make sure the element is parallel to the bottom of the oven and doesn’t come in contact with it.

7. Reattach the wires to the bake element on the back of the appliance.

Move to the back of the oven. Snap the wire harnesses back in place over the two terminal ends of the element. Then slip the back access panel back in place and tighten the screws.
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