How to Replace Your GE Oven’s Door Seal

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August 13, 2018
Oven Repair
The seal around the inside of your oven door stops hot air from escaping the appliance. If the seal is damaged or you can feel hot air escaping, it’s time to replace the seal. Order replacement part #WB04T10022 if you have a GE oven. Then follow these steps to replace the part.

1. Unplug the oven before starting the repair.

Even though this repair doesn’t involve directly touching any electrical components, unplugging your appliance should always be your first step.

2. Remove the oven door.

Open the door fully. Use a flathead screwdriver to flip open the door hinge locks. Next, pull the door mostly closed and securely grab the sides of the door. Now you can lift it up and pull it completely free of the appliance.
Set the door down with the inside facing up on a soft surface to protect the glass.

3. Remove the old door seal.

Pull the ends of the seal free from the two slots at the bottom of the door. Then remove the seal. It is secured every few inches by clips. Use a flathead screwdriver to depress each clip and slowly separate the seal from the door interior.

4. Install the new seal.

Set the new seal around the perimeter of the extruding interior edge. Make sure the ends are equal. Then, starting at one end, slide the first end into the slot. Next, start pushing each of the seal’s retainer clips into position around the perimeter of the door. Once you reach the other edge of the door, push the end into the second slot.

5. Reinsert the oven door.

Carefully pick up the door. Slide the hinges into the bottom depressions, then carefully lower the door into a fully open position. Flip the hinge locks closed so they grab onto the door hinges. Then swing the door into a closed position.
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