How to Replace an Oven Gasket

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May 28, 2019
Oven Repair

Has your oven started to produce unevenly cooked or even slow cooked food? Have you noticed that you feel particularly hot spots coming from your oven door? If this is the case, you may need to replace the gasket in your oven. Similar to the waterproof door gaskets in your washer or other appliances, your oven also has a gasket that provides a similar function. However, instead of being waterproof, the gasket in your oven is heatproof. It provides a seal to keep the hot air in and helps your oven maintain its temperature.

Unfortunately, this gasket can become worn over time, and when this happens, your oven will start to leak heat. When this happens, the gasket needs to be replaced.

Replacing the Oven’s Door Gasket

While a gasket can be repaired with the oven door on, as securing the new door gasket can require a lot of firm pressing, it is better to remove your oven door to make this repair. You can do this by flipping the heat clips on each side at the bottom of the door. You can then close it and lift the door up and out.

With a replacement gasket on hand, start by pulling the gasket ends out of the bottom of the door. You will then need to slowly disengage each clip that holds it in place until you can completely remove the gasket.

When installing the new door gasket in your oven, start by inserting an end on one side and working your way around, securing it in the clips as you go. You may need to use some firm pressure to make sure it is secure. Also, be sure that there is no slack in the gasket. Do this until you can safely insert the opposite end into the other hole.

While this repair is rather simple, uneven baking can be caused by more than just a degraded oven gasket. If you are not comfortable disassembling your oven further but need repair, contact us today to see what Jerry’s Appliance Repair can do to help.


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