How to Replace a Damaged Door Gasket in Your Whirlpool Oven

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December 17, 2018
Oven Repair

If your Whirlpool oven model WFE520S0FS is losing heat, there’s a good chance the oven door gasket is damaged. The gasket creates an airtight seal that prevents heat from escaping your appliance. A rip in the gasket disrupts the airtight seal, and allows hot air to seep out of the oven door. Switching out the damaged gasket for a new intact one will resolve your oven’s temperature discrepancy.

How to Replace the Door Gasket in Your Whirlpool Oven

To avoid electrocution, unplug your stove or turn it off at the circuit breaker. As you repair your appliance, protect your eyes and hands by wearing safety goggles and work gloves.

  1. To remove the gasket, open your oven door. On the bottom of your oven’s door frame, you’ll find two openings with the ends of the seal tucked inside of them. Pull the ends of the seal out of the holes.
  2. Once both ends are free, start removing the rest of the seal from the door frame by taking out the small pins securing it to the oven. If a pin or two gets stuck in one of the holes, you’ll need to use a pair of needle nosed pliers to pry them out; otherwise the pins in the new gasket won’t fit into the openings. Once you’ve worked your way around the whole door frame and the gasket is loose, you can throw the damaged seal out.
  3. Now it’s time to install your new oven door gasket. Start at the bottom of your appliance and push the first pin attached to the gasket into the first opening in the door frame. Work your way around the entire frame until each pin is inserted into a hole. Once you come back around to the bottom of the frame, use a small screwdriver to push the two ends of the gasket into the remaining openings in the frame.
  4. After the door gasket is properly secured, close your oven door and inspect the seal. If everything looks good, plug-in your appliance, and start heating it up to ensure hot air can no longer escape the oven cavity.

If you switched out your oven’s old gasket for a new one, and your appliance is still losing heat, please contact us today, and one of our highly trained repair technicians will come out to diagnose and repair the malfunction.


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