6 Common Oven Problems and What To Do About Them

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May 24, 2018
Oven Repair
Having problems with your oven? Here are some common oven problems that we can help you with.

Oven Light Won’t Turn On

First, try replacing the bulb. It may simply be burnt out. If that doesn’t work, it’s an electrical problem. Don’t fiddle around with it yourself; it’s not safe.

Oven Won’t Heat

If your food always comes out of the oven cold, make sure that the gas is working. You can do that by checking if you have hot water in your home. If it is an electric oven, make sure it is plugged in and that it is turned on. If you still can’t figure out what the problem is, call a professional.

Oven Won’t Self Clean

It is certainly possible for an oven to heat up and bake your food but still not do its job when it comes to self-cleaning. There are many reasons why your oven might not be self-cleaning. The door lock may have malfunctioned. There may be a problem with the oven’s clock. It’s best to have a professional deal with it.

Uneven Cooking

Uneven cooking may indicate a problem with the heating elements or temperature sensors in your oven. However, it is also likely that you simply need to place the food in a better position. Try putting the rack higher up and closer to the fire or try rotating the food a few times while you cook it.

Oven Door Won’t Close

This can be caused by a broken door hinge. Check to make sure that the hinges are in place and working properly.

Stove Won’t Turn On

If your gas or electric stove won’t turn on, call a professional to help you. First, though, try cleaning it to make sure that it is not clogged with food. Make sure you hear a clicking sound when trying to ignite a flame so that you know your gas is working.
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