Leaking Dishwasher, Investigating the Amana ADB2500AWS Seal

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January 10, 2018
Dishwasher Repair

Your dishwasher is leaking, the floor is puddling up. Oh me, Oh my, what to do? Let’s find the source of that leak.

The black rubber gasket needs examination. Are there any foreign objects deforming it? There will be some white residue present on older machines. It is dependent on water hardness and detergent quality. Remove the offending item and ensure the gasket isn’t impressed too deeply into the tub’s seal channel. Are there any tears in the sealing gasket? If there are, it would be best to replace the gasket.

None of that worked or applied? Your Owner’s Manual has the following steps:

Dishwasher Leaks:

• Check that the dishwasher is level. (Refer to the Installation Instructions.)

• Suds can cause the dishwasher to overflow. Measure the detergent carefully and use only detergents designed for use in a dishwasher. Less detergent is needed in soft water. Try another brand if sudsing continues.

• Follow directions closely on how to add a forgotten item (pg. 3).

• To avoid rinse aid leaking from the dispenser, be sure the lid is securely attached.


Let’s examine the first two.

The dishwasher is not a sealed system in operation. The bottom front of the tub is baffled to prevent leakage and pressure buildup. If your unit is out of level, the water flows to and pools on the lowest side. Often it will crest the tub bottom and leak. The Installation Guide has you check right to left level across the top of the door, and front to back level in the tub along a lower rail track. Adjust the feet raising and lowering as needed with a wrench. You may notice there is an unsecured shim behind your kick plate after you remove it. Get rid of it. It shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

If there are suds in the tub, something is wrong with the chemistry of the dishwasher. There should be no suds in the tub. Soft water, dish soap, bargain brand detergents… the list of culprits seems endless. The bubbles congregate and form sud chains that flow through the aforementioned baffle and pull the water with it. The trick is to neutralize the soap. A nice vinaigrette should do the trick. A couple of tablespoons of vegetable oil and a cup of white vinegar placed in the tub will clear up the suds. Start your dishwasher and wait for it to begin washing. You’ll hear the drain motor first. The sound of the water valve is next and then you’ll hear the wash motor spraying the inside of your appliance. Now, is when you add the concoction. You don’t need to shake it.

When it’s done, your suds are gone. If not, repeat. And to keep it in tip-top working condition, clean it monthly like so. It’ll last for years.

If this hasn’t corrected your problem, expert help in the greater Indianapolis area is at Jerry’s Appliance Repair.


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