Frigidaire Dishwasher Repair – Leaking water

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September 13, 2017
Dishwasher Repair

What should you do if your Frigidaire FD8510LCS0 Dishwasher is leaking? A leaking dishwasher is often a result of obstructions in your plumbing. Let us guide you through the steps to fix it.


1.  Clear any standing water

If you have water pooled in the bottom of your dishwasher, first you have to remove it. You can use a shop vac, a turkey baster, or a cup to scoop the water out of the bottom.


2.  Make sure the plumbing lines are clear

The most common place to have a plumbing obstruction is in the J-trap under your sink. You can remove the J-trap by loosening the plastic wing nuts on either side. If the nuts are not hand-twist, use a pair of slip joint pliers to loosen them. Put a towel down under the trap to catch any water that might spill. Remove the trap and see if you can located the obstruction.

After checking for and removing any objects in the J-trap, reattach it by tightening the plastic nuts by hand, or with your slip joint pliers. You should then run some water down your sink and check for leaks. If any water leaks from the pipes, tighten them a bit more.


3. New Garbage Disposal?

Did you just install a new garbage disposal?  Make sure you remove the knockout found inside the disposal to allow drain water to flow through, otherwise it will backup which is causing the leaking on your floor.


3. Test Out Your Work

After you clear the obstruction, check your work by running a cycle on the empty dishwasher.  If there are no leaks, you are good to go.


4. Get Help

If you were unable to locate an obstruction, or if your Frigidaire still leaks after the obstruction clears, contact Jerry’s Appliance Repair. We expertly and quickly repair dishwashers for homeowners in the greater Indianapolis area.  We’d love to help.


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